A Graphical User Interface Library for Processing

Free / Open Source Software, 2013. For

The goal of this project is to create a functional prototype for a new Graphical User Interface Library for Processing. There is no core GUI system built into Processing as of date but some third-party GUI solutions exist. This project attempts to learn from and build on the existing libraries while keeping in mind the design principles that lie at the heart of Processing: Minimalism, accessibility and extensibility. Ultimately the aim is to spark discussion on what a core GUI library for Processing might encompass.

This is currently in alpha, thus still changing. Features by now:

  • GUI Overlay
  • Basic Widgets: Button, Toggle, Slider, Label, Divider
  • Create new widgets by extending the Widget class
  • Automatic Column Based Layout
  • Grid based Widget Dimensions
  • Color Themes
  • Easy Callback Methods
  • Connect Widgets to Fields
  • Chainable Methods

Project Description:
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